Travel The Aran Islands On An Electric Scooter

Although we are quite a rural people here in the Aran islands we are not completely stuck in the stone age. It may surprise some people that we have fast broadband and satellite TV on the islands so we do keep in touch with the outside world. Despite this we do miss some of the old ways of life but in saying that tourism is the biggest industry on the islands and that is what keeps most people here employed. Another big employer on the island is the Irish colleges as we are in the Gaelteacht area which means Irish speaking area. Many parents send there kids here for several weeks in the summer to learn their native tongue. Between this and tourism we are kept busy through out the year with winter months being a bit quieter.

As we are trying to stay with the times and encouraging tourists to visit the islands a big way of traveling here is to rent bikes and cycle around the island. Well this year we have taken it one step further and now we also offer the change to travel the island by electric scooter. Electric scooters are a great way to travel around the island. Obviously they are electric so there is no pollution off of them and also it offers people who may not be able to physically cycle around the islands an alternative to travel around.

Not everyone is able to cycle around the islands so the scooters are a great option, easy to use and super safe. You can get around the biggest island Aran Mor in only a few hours with the scooters and then they need to be returned the same day. We are yet to upload them to the official website but they will be up soon and you can book them online. For those you do want to rent bikes that is of course still available.