Is the iPhone 6 still worth getting in 2018?

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The iPhone 6 was launched in March 2017 in Ireland and at that time it was one of the high-end phones present in the market. The phone was loaded with a ton of features and was really a great choice at that time. But now when we are in 2018, is it a fair choice? Let’s discuss about it in detail.

The phone featured Apple A8 APL1011 chipset which is a 1.4 GHz Dual Core processor and the graphics card used was PowerVR GX6450. The price of this phone (32 GB) in 2018 is Rs. 22,039.long now at this price, there are many other phones which can easily outperform it. At this price range, you can get an octa-core processor with a solid aderno 500+ graphics card into it. The Pocophone F1 is the best example for this. The starting price of this phone is Rs. 20,999 and it offers more than the iPhone6!

In this era, when we are storing data without thinking about space, iPhone 6 let us down. The basic version offers 32 GB of storage. But at the same price range, we are getting around 64 GB of storage and 4 GB of RAM.

Most of the people use their smartphone the whole day and the battery backup of iphone6 is not something that will let you do this. With a 1810mAh battery, the phone battery does not last long.

So, we can easily say that in 2018 the iPhone 6 for sale is a good option if you are looking for a fast phone without spending a fortune. You should not buy this phone. You can easily get more performance than it at the same price and even less than that. Maybe in 2017, iPhone6 was a good choice but now a year later it is below the other smartphones on the market at a price less than that.