Inis-Mor Info & Guides

The Aran islands are made up of 3 separate small islands the biggest of which is Inis Mor which is still quite small at only around 7000 acres. It is the main tourist attraction out of the 3 islands as it has many old stone walls, forts and even an old church all of which are worth visiting. One of the main forts there is a stone fort known as Dun Aengus. It is on the edge of a cliff which made for the perfect defence from any would be attackers and it is known all through out Europe was one of the oldest and best laid out forts in this current day.

There are only just over 1000 people living in Inis Mor which makes it the most populated island in the Aran Islands. The capital of the Island is Kilronan which is where the main harbor is and is usually where tourists disembark boats from the main land. The best way to see the Island is by hiring a bike. You can cycle around the whole Island in a matter of hours and there is plenty to see. As well as the forts there are some breath taking views and you can really get a feel for ancient Ireland here on this island.

Tourism is the biggest industry on the island and is where most people are employed. Another large sector is fishing which brings in good finance for the Island. Now with the internet and the fact that people can work from anywhere there are a few more opportunities that were traditionally not avaialble on the island. There is for example a business selling wireless headphones on the island which is really taking off. They sell a range of wireless headphones and speakers and are planning on expanding which will bring more employment into the area.