Come Visit the Aran Islands This Summer

It is almost summer again thankfully and things are starting to pick up on the tourist front over on the Aran islands. Every year thousands of people from around the world come to the Aran islands to experience what is a very Irish experience. What we mean by that is that of course the Aran islands are in what is known as a Gaelteacht area which means that it is an Irish speaking area and a place where Irish tradition is upheld. This makes the islands a popular spot both for Irish people are foreigners alike. In particular many Americans come here to get a taste of ancient Ireland.

Summer is of course the best time to visit the islands as the weather is obviously much better than during winter. In saying that a clear winters day on the islands is fantastic and there is very few places in the world that will give you such beauty mixed with a rich culture. There is much to do on the islands such as kayaking, hiking, hill walking, fishing and more. They are also not far from some great surf spots so that is always a draw for thrill seekers. Part of a surf documentary was filmed off of the islands several years back and it was sponsored by one of the islands local businesses

It is recommended to spend 2 – 3 days on the islands and this can tie in great with a tour of the west coast or even the whole of Ireland depending on the time frame. Many people hit the main spots including Dublin, Belfast and Cork but we would encourage people to get out of the cities and visit the Aran islands and Connemara as well as popping into Galway city for a night or two as it really is a vibrant little city.