Month: March 2018

Visit The Aran Islands This Summer For Your Golf Trip

It is the time of year that various beautiful places around Ireland are making their cases for why you should come and spend your hard earned money in their local area, town or county so we said we should do the same. Our beautiful islands are often overlooked when people are planning a long weekend away or a golf trip which many of us love to go on. Places like Fota in Cork and Galway usually steal the limelight so we are here to make a case as to why you should come to the Aran Islands instead!

There are many great things to do here including visit any or all of the 3 islands that make up the Aran islands. You can also visit the cliffs of inis more which is fantastic, especially on a lovely summers days or visit what we locals call the worm hole that has hosted the red bull cliff diving event before. There are also many forts on Aran Mor the biggest of the islands that are well worth visiting especially if you are from further afield like Europe or the USA where you may not see forts like this.

Other options including visiting one of the gorgeous golf clubs on the islands. We have a large range of courses and there is also a golf pro shop located on Aran Mor which sells a range of clubs, bags and gadgets such as the golf range finder for those of you into that sort of thing.

The islands also offer some great surfing beaches which many people do not realise. Some of the best cold wave surfing in the world is off the west coast just where we are located. So if this does not convince you to come to our islands then I don’t know what will! Just make sure you come in summer when the weather is good :).