Visit the islands

The Aran islands are three small islands off a bigger (but still small) island..the island of Ireland! Ireland is in the north Atlantic and has a temperate oceanic climate. Because of this we get fairly mild weather all year round but this does not mean Ireland and indeed the Aran islands are not amazinly beautiful islands and a great place to visit. There are a range of accommodation options for the Aran of islands and these include b&b’s, hotels and hostels for those of you on a budget. It is also a very popular camping spot in the summer months.

The islands are off the coast of county Galway which is home to Galway city which is only 1 hour drive away from the islands. You are also not far from the cliffs of moher in County Claire which is another very popular tourist destination. The Aran islands of made of limestone which creates a beautiful look not found in many places around the world. The three island are cllased Inis Mor, Ini Meain and Inis Oirr. These are home to an Irish speaking area and it is here that you are really in the traditional Ireland which is different from big cities like Dublin.

On the islands there are many pubs to visit and plenty to do including surfing, kayaking, snorkeling, swimming, hiking and much more!



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Come Visit the Aran Islands This Summer

It is almost summer again thankfully and things are starting to pick up on the tourist front over on the Aran islands. Every year thousands of people from around the world come to the Aran islands to experience what is a very Irish experience. What we mean by that is that of course the Aran islands are in what is known as a Gaelteacht area which means that it is an Irish speaking area and a place where Irish tradition is upheld. This makes the islands a popular spot both for Irish people are foreigners alike. In particular many Americans come here to get a taste of ancient Ireland.

Summer is of course the best time to visit the islands as the weather is obviously much better than during winter. In saying that a clear winters day on the islands is fantastic and there is very few places in the world that will give you such beauty mixed with a rich culture. There is much to do on the islands such as kayaking, hiking, hill walking, fishing and more. They are also not far from some great surf spots so that is always a draw for thrill seekers. Part of a surf documentary was filmed off of the islands several years back and it was sponsored by one of the islands local businesses

It is recommended to spend 2 – 3 days on the islands and this can tie in great with a tour of the west coast or even the whole of Ireland depending on the time frame. Many people hit the main spots including Dublin, Belfast and Cork but we would encourage people to get out of the cities and visit the Aran islands and Connemara as well as popping into Galway city for a night or two as it really is a vibrant little city.



Visit The Aran Islands This Summer For Your Golf Trip

It is the time of year that various beautiful places around Ireland are making their cases for why you should come and spend your hard earned money in their local area, town or county so we said we should do the same. Our beautiful islands are often overlooked when people are planning a long weekend away or a golf trip which many of us love to go on. Places like Fota in Cork and Galway usually steal the limelight so we are here to make a case as to why you should come to the Aran Islands instead!

There are many great things to do here including visit any or all of the 3 islands that make up the Aran islands. You can also visit the cliffs of inis more which is fantastic, especially on a lovely summers days or visit what we locals call the worm hole that has hosted the red bull cliff diving event before. There are also many forts on Aran Mor the biggest of the islands that are well worth visiting especially if you are from further afield like Europe or the USA where you may not see forts like this.

Other options including visiting one of the gorgeous golf clubs on the islands. We have a large range of courses and there is also a golf pro shop located on Aran Mor which sells a range of clubs, bags and gadgets such as the golf range finder for those of you into that sort of thing.

The islands also offer some great surfing beaches which many people do not realise. Some of the best cold wave surfing in the world is off the west coast just where we are located. So if this does not convince you to come to our islands then I don’t know what will! Just make sure you come in summer when the weather is good :).

You can now use an Android TV Box on the Aran Islands

As the Aran islands are remote islands off the west coast of Ireland which is more less densely populated than the east coast means that we are a bit behind in certain things and broadband internet is one of them. There are 4 provinces in Ireland which are Leinster, Munster, Ulster and Connacht. Most the the population lives in Leinster where of course Dublin is located and the largest population group is in the great Dublin area which spans all the way from Greystones, County Wicklow all the way up to Drogheda in County Louth. Over 2.5 million people live in this area which means that they get the most funding and services in general are better over there.

Over here in Connacht is the least densely populated area with Galway city being the capital and just touch 100,000 people. The Aran islands are then in a remote part of the smallest province which means that getting things like broadband internet has been slower than the rest of the country. It is finally now here and fibre broadband is available which means services like Netflix can be used and devices like the android TV box or Apple TV can be used to watch movies and TV. It is also quite important for the tourism here as 95% of bookings are made on the internet so having a good internet service that is reliable is important.

The government have worked hard with a program called decentralization to encourage people to move to other parts of the country but the fact remains that Dublin is a primate city so therefore is much bigger than the other cities and has much more opportunity than the smaller cities in Ireland. Belfast would also be a small city and is the capital of Ulster so although it is only up the road and quite big it is not part of the republic which means the next biggest city is Cork.  Progress is being made though and here on the islands we are happy to be finally catching up with the rest of the country!